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Africa - April 2010
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Haiti - April 2010

Our History

In the days leading up to my 50th birthday I was constantly asked the same question: “Are you doing something special for your birthday?”

That question had left me baffled for months. I wanted to do something special . . . I just didn’t know what to do. In the past I had envisioned a lavish party with everyone I knew on the guest list. As my birthday drew closer, I realized I wanted to do something extra special. I wanted to be able to look back on my 50th birthday and proclaim, “This is what I did.”

A few days before my birthday, it became clear. I wanted to be able to pay one year’s tuition for an African girl. I called my cousin, Missionary Shirley Richards (a missionary for 40+years) to ask the cost. She replied, “About $100 dollars.” My next question: “Per month?” She answered, “No, for the year.” Since I have no job and no steady income, I excitedly said, “Shooot! I can do that with spare change!!!” And since it was my 50th birthday, I decide to set a goal: send 50 African girls to school! The name 50 Jewels represents my 50th birthday and my mother’s name: Jewel.

I started asking people for their spare change. I also increased the amount of $150 to cover books, uniforms and provide a 50-lb. bag of rice to the family (since the child is no longer able to work). So far we have 7 students enrolled in Liberia and one student starting at a University in Ghana!

Can I Make A Donation?

Yes you can, by donating spare change to 50 Jewels. It is tax deductible and one hundred percent goes toward the tuition, books and uniforms of a child who will forever appreciate your generosity.

Mail scholarship donations to:

c/o Helen Jacobs
Post Office Box 11141
Carson, California 90749

In memo section write: “Africa Scholarship”. An income tax deductible receipt will be mailed to you.

To make an online donation,
click here. Please include your complete mailing address; a tax-deductible receipt will be sent to you.

Can I Sponsor Children From Other Nations?

In addition to the work in Africa, World Mission provides support to schools in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Central & South America.

Our Partner: World Mission Board and Missionary Shirley Richards

MISSIONARY SHIRLEY RICHARDS along with her late husband, Rev. Willie Richards) served as missionaries in Colombia, South America for a short time with the Wycliffe Bible Translators before moving to Liberia to serve there for 2-½ years. 

In June 2009 Missionary Richards made her 22nd mission trip to Africa.  As Field Superintendent For Africa for the Church of Christ (Holiness) USA she has performed missionary service in Liberia, Ghana, Benin and Mali.  

Effective July 2008 Missionary Richards officially became the Retired Field Superintendent For Africa.  Her replacement is an outstanding Brother, Pastor Mark Kangar.  For years he served as pastor of the Open Bible Church in Monrovia, Liberia.  Presently he is pastoring in Holly Springs, Mississippi.  

Missionary Richards lives in Beaumont, Texas, is active in her local church (Christ Mission Temple) and still actively involved in the ministries in Africa. She enjoys being a mother of one son Edmond (wife Tricia) and two granddaughters, Celeste (age 12) and Colette (age 5). Missionary Shirley Richards can be contacted by email at WHobby980@aol.com

See World Mission - Liberia Report - December 2009
See World Mission - Liberia Report - August 2009

Our Goal: 50 Students

Year One
8 Students received full scholarships
9 Students received partial scholarships

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Our Scholarship Recipients

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